Founder’s Message

Mr. D.K. Jain

We know that as every word takes shape, an emotion is being expressed & a Story is being told. We know that colors come together to form images, dreams are being shared & hopes are being formed. Luxor's writing and coloring instruments put the power in your hands to write your destiny every single day of your life. I thank all our consumers, business associates and each one at the Luxor's family for making the last fifty-four years iconic.

Pooja Gupta Profile
Pooja Gupta Profile

Chairperson & President

Mrs. Usha Jain

Luxor, synonymous for exciting writing for over 60 years, has followed lasting values such as business integrity, consumer understanding, quality and innovation. Our uncompromising standards on design, materials and workmanship have been reflected in our entire product range. I thank all our customers, consumers,business associates and each one at the Luxor family for making this journey iconic.

Managing Director

Pooja Jain Gupta

Pooja Jain is a prominent name amongst the young successful Indians in business. As the Managing Director of the Luxor Group; which is a diversified group having business interests in Writing Instruments, stationery products, Real Estate, Hospitality, Fiber Optics, Nano Technology cleaning products for all types of coating surfaces in B2B businesses for glass, solar panels, metal, leather and textile- successfully marked in India as a pioneer, Tablets and Digital office products, with her astounding corporate capabilities, Pooja’s corporate and social work has earned her plenty of laurels.

Pooja Gupta Profile